Promotion Strategy

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Promotion Strategy

Typical purpose of advertisement is as below.

1. Stimulate market demand
2. Penetrate brand position
3. Let sellers sell easily

Promotion method

Mass advertisements
This is the method that a company unilaterally appeals its products to the market, for examples, by utilizing TV programs, radio programs, newspapers or magazines.

Sales promotion
This is the method that a company appeals people who seem interested in its products, for example, leaflet or direct e-mail. Providing incentive to sales persons or channels is a kind of sales promotion.

Promotion in personnel
This is the method that a company has sales persons directly appeal its products, for example, at-home sales.

This is the method that media or third parties appeal a product through public media. This is different from advertisement because a company that wants to appeal doesn't pay money for it.

Word of mouth
This is interactive communication among customers.

Types of Promotion

Pull promotion
This is the way to penetrate company's or product's image to have customers be interested in them. It is used for a product or a service which is difficult to be differentiated, for example, daily commodity.

Push promotion
This is the way to pitch a product or a service. It is used for a product or a service which needs more detailed explanation due to its complication, for example, industrial goods.

Step to build up promotion strategy

1. Decide promotion target
Target includes sales figure or name recognition. It should be quantified as much as possible and period and place of promotion should also be clarified.

2. Decide the budget of promotion
This is necessary money to achieve the target.

3. Decide promotion way
Promotion ways are usually selected by ways mentioned as above.


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