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Brand Strategy

Brand is what shows certain value for customers and is evidence of trustworthy. It is difficult to build brand easily but it becomes valuable asset once it is built.

Types of brands

Corporate brand
This is the name of corporation, for example, Toyota or Ritz Carlton Hotel.

Product brand
This is given name of product from a company, for example, Windows

Ingredient brand
This is the brand included into products as a component, for example, Intel.

Functions of brand

Functions for providers are;

To build customer royalty
To imply validness of price
To establish barriers from invaders

In addition to them, famous brand helps the company hire talented persons, motivate its employees and expand its product to other market like abroad.

Meanwhile, functions for customers are;

To express themselves
To have it assure the quality

Build a strong brand

To build a strong brand, a company has to pay attention to following two things.

To provide same value constantly to customers
For example, if there was a speaker named Intel or a tire named Sony, how would customers be impressed by it? The company would lose brand image of existing products as well as customers never trust these kinds of products. Once brand value and concept is frozen, the company has to constantly provide same value for a long term.

To state meaning of the brand
The company needs to explain not only functions and features of products but also how rich customers become when they buy it to penetrate the brand to the market.


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