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This web site introduces basic MBA word. You can use this page as a dictionary of management words. (A part of contents is under making and they will be completed by the end of Feb 2014.)

Logical Thinking


What is the corporate strategy?
Ansoff Matrix
PPM (Product Portfolio Management)
GE's Business Screen
Value Portfolio
Pattern of Global Strategies
Porter's Corporate Strategy
Strategy by Positioning in an Industry
Blue Ocean Strategy
Five Forces Analysis
Advantage Matrix
Strategic Positioning Analysis
Value Chain
Service Profit Chain
Resource Based View
Seven S
PEST Analysis
PLC (Product Life Cycle)
Technology Life Cycle
MOT (Management of Technology)
Economic Analysis of Business
Experience Effect
3C Analysis
SWOT Analysis
PDCA Cycle
Seven Domains
Delta Model
Process of Environmental Analysis
PMS (Product Market Strategy)
Framework of Competitor Analysis
Examples of KSF


Marketing Process
Marketing Mix (4Ps)
Product Strategy
Pricing Strategy 1
Pricing Strategy 2
Pricing Strategy 3
Pricing Strategy 4
Pricing for Service
Innovation of Pricing Model
Channel Strategy
Promotion Strategy
Prevention of Competitor's Imitation
Brand Strategy
B2B Marketing 1
B2B Marketing 2
Estimation of Market Size
Estimation of Market Size (ATAR model)
Estimation of Market Size (Logistic curve)
Estimation of Market Size(BASS model)
Stage Gate System

Logical Thinking

Basic concept of logical thinking
Pyramid Principle
How to build Pyramid Principle
Logic Tree
How to make Logic Tree
Hypothetical Thinking
Process of Problem Solving
Factor Analysis
Pareto Analysis
Sensitivity Analysis
Making Presentation Materials 1
Making Presentation Materials 2
Making Presentation Materials 3
Making Presentation Materials 4
Appropriate Chart Choice
Pie Chart
Column Chart
Bar Chart
Line Chart
Dot Chart
Techniques to make graphs
How to make Waterfall Chart
How to make Pareto Chart
Process of negotiation
Aim of negotiation


Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss Statement
Cash Flow Statement
Relationship among B/S, P/L and C/F
Profitability & Efficiecy Analysis
Safety Analysis
Productivity Analysis
Growth Potential Analysis
What is Management Accounting
BSC (Balance Scored Card)
Strategy Map
Indirect Cost Allocation
ABC (Activity based costing)


Principle of Finance
FCF (Free Cash Flow)
DCF (Discount Cash Flow)
Unlevered Beta
Terminal Value
Disadvantages of WACC
APV (Adjusted present value) Method
Making Portfolio and Diversification of Risk 1
Making Portfolio and Diversification of Risk 2
Return analysis by DCF 1
Return analysis by DCF 2
Important Indicator of DCF
Optimized Debt Equity Ratio
Tax Shield by Debt
Types of Debt
Policy of Dividend
Relationship between Policy of Dividend & Stock Price
Relationship between Own Shares Purchase & Stock Price
Investment to raise Stock Price
Coupon-Bearing Bond
Discount Bond
Bond with Warrant
Comparison of Yield Rate among Several Bonds
Project Finance
Effect of M&A
Synergy Analysis
Financing in M&A
Process of Purchasing Stock Price in M&A
Types of Selling Business
Tracking Stock
Curve Out
LBO (Leveraged Buy Out)
MBO (Management Buy Out)
PPA (Purchase Price Allocation)
PMI (Post Merger Integration)


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